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Thesis Info

Euroculture Students will be assigned a thesis supervisor at their 1st and 2nd semester universities. At the JU, students will be assisted in finding a suitable supervisor for their chosen topic. While the thesis proposal is due in September of the second year of studies, students are encouraged to start thinking about their topic already in their first year and discuss options with the programme coordinator.

The academic staff available for supervision at the Institute of European Studies, JU, is interdisciplinary in nature, but there are a few underlying themes that we specialise in, namely:

  • Citizenship, multiculturalism, migration & europeanisation (political and sociological perspectives)
  • Issues of collective identity, nationalism, populism, nation-building and Europeanisation (political and sociological perspectives)
  • Collective memory, heritage and the Europeanisation thereof (anthropological and historical perspectives)
  • Cultural diplomacy, cultural policies within the EU (cultural studies perspective)
  • European institutions, politicisation, normative power, eastern enlargement (political and IR perspectives)
  • Processes of transformation in the context of European integration (particularly from the sociological and political perspectives) 
  • Liberal and Illiberal democracy in a European context , including populist movements 
  • Holocaust studies 
  • Processes of collective identity construction at the local, regional, national and European levels  

Submission deadlines

  • September 1st (start of second year): Thesis Proposal
  • December 1st (second year): Thesis Portfolio
  • June 1st (second year): final thesis submission deadline
  • August 1st (second year) second deadline for thesis submission
  • August 31st (second year) final deadline for thesis submission

Thesis submission step-by-step

Step 1: Submission to Supervisors for Confirmation

  • 2 weeks prior to submission
  • Students must submit the full draft of their thesis to their supervisors for final review and approval in order to officially submit onto the electronic archive by the deadline. We ask that students put the Euroculture Office in copy to this email (
  • Students receive the green light from their supervisors to submit the final version to the online thesis archive (APD).

Step 2: Activation of Electronic Archive (‘AP’)

  • 2 weeks prior to submission
  • Students must provide the following information via email to the Euroculture Krakow Office in order to ‘activate’ their AP account:
    • Thesis title
    • Full names and updated email addresses of both supervisors
    • Keywords & short description (limit 1000 characters) of thesis (optional) **

** Please note that when submitting your final thesis to the AP, you will be asked to provide the title, keywords, and short description of the thesis in both English and Polish. If you need assistance with the Polish translation, you need to send the English equivalents to the Euroculture Krakow Office 2 weeks prior to submission.

Step 3: Thesis Submission

  • June 1st / August 1st deadlines
  • Students submit their thesis in pdf format to the AP archive (as per instructions below) as well as to the consortium blackboard and follow the instructions as per their second university regulations.
  • AP Submission Instructions
  • The final thesis must include the following:

1. Euroculture Cover Page

2. Euroculture Declaration of Authorship Form

Step 4: Finalizing Administrative Matters

  • Minimum 1 week prior to the thesis defense
  • Students must submit the following documents to the Euroculture Krakow Office in person or via post:

1. “Statement” – form printed from the AP system

2. Fill the Jagiellonian University Alumni Questionnaire – fill the form from USOSweb (please log to your personal account at and then go to: Common Section -> Absolvents)

3. Declare if you would like to pick up your diploma in person from the Euroculture Office / entitle someone to pick them up on your behalf (required written authorisation) or - you may request to have your diplomas sent with registered mail by Poczta Polska to the postal address you provide. (Point 3 do NOT apply to those students whose home or host university is in Gottingen or Groningen. You will receive a joint diploma from these universities on behalf of the Jagiellonian)

Step 5: Thesis Defence*

  • The thesis defence is organised within one month of submitting the thesis. Please note that we do not organise thesis defenses in the month of August.
  • The thesis defense committee consists of the following members:
    • Your supervisor from Krakow
    • Your supervisor from your second university (please note that an independent reviewer may also be chosen by your supervisor)
    • A defense chairperson
  • The defense usually lasts 25-30 minutes. You can expect the following:
  1. The supervisor/reviewer ask a few (usually 2 or 3 each) questions related to the thesis but may also extend to topics covered in the Euroculture programme or related to the thesis subject area (this is why it's an 'exam' - the student has to prove his/her knowledge in the whole subject area). You can expect a question on your chosen methodology.
  2. When the supervisor/reviewer are satisfied with the answers, the student is asked to step outside of the room, at which time the thesis committee decides on a grade for the thesis defense (this is different to the grade given for the thesis).
  3. The student is asked to come back in and is told his/her grade (for the thesis and defense, although the final grade for the whole programme may come at a later date).


*Please note that the thesis defense takes place in Krakow with the participation of the second university supervisor/reviewer via video-conference. The student may be present at one or the other university.

*Thesis defenses organized jointly by JU and Deusto, and JU and Strasbourg count as final defenses for both universities.

Theses which are not submitted by the consortium final deadline of June 1st will automatically fall into the LATE category. Euroculture students have a second consortium deadline on August 1st, however, they may not be eligible for the Liesbeth Brouwer Award in the following year (see below). If the student does not submit by August 1st, he or she must make a formal request to the Director of Studies to extend his or her submission until September 30th of the same year without incurring late fees at the Jagiellonian University. Note: this request does not automatically extend the deadline at the student’s second university (students must comply with both of their universities’ regulations), nor does it guarantee the extension itself (since a proper and valid justification is required).


Template letter for extension

Students who do not submit by September 30th will be crossed off the student list. Students wishing to submit their thesis after this date will need to submit a letter to be reinstated as students for the next academic year and pay the appropriate re-instatement fee. Students must submit the letter of reinstatement before September 30th to be eligible for reinstatement.

The Annual Liesbeth Brouwer Award is awarded to the Euroculture student whose thesis, according to the Euroculture Consortium jury's opinion, most effectively and elegantly represents the Euroculture approach:  that is, dealing with current European issues from a complex perspective and approaching the related problems in an interdisciplinary manner. 

The award is a cash prize of 500 euros for one student within the consortium and is announced at the IP the year following the conclusion of the programme. The awarded student will receive an invitation to the Euroculture Gala Dinner during the IP.

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