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Intensive Programme

Intensive Programme (5 ECTS)

All Euroculture students from the partner universities meet with each other, academic staff and external experts during a week-long intensive course at the end of the second semester. The IP is structured according to the four fields identified in the first semester, and its aim is to deepen the knowledge and understanding obtained in that semester by joint discussion and reflection. The IP-theme changes annually on the basis of current issues. It is also a strong intercultural group experience. Students bear only the cost of travel to and from location of the IP programme.

The main characteristics of the Euroculture programme: multilingualism, interdisciplinarity, transnationalism and competency-building become especially apparent during the IP.

During this intensive week, students present and discuss their IP papers, engage in workshops, panel discussions, group projects, a Career Day and other organized activities.

The IP has three main objectives:

  • To meet and interact with other Euroculture consortium participants during a seven-day intensive course.
  • To synthezise in a problem-oriented platform the content and methodologies taught during the first and second semester course units.
  • To pave the way for the third and fourth semester filled with methodological, competence-based, and research-intensive modules.

Locations & Topics of Intensive Programmes:


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